SHS Summer Vacation: Broadway Dreams

July 17, 2016

SHS Senior Emma O. attended the Broadway Student Summit in New York City organized by Musical Theater International. Emma will serve as a SHS Drama ITS Officer this year.

 Emma outside the Richard Rogers Theater in New York.


Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? What is your background in the Sehome Drama program?

My name is Emma and I’m a senior this year at Sehome High School. I’ve been involved in drama since the spring of my Freshman year when I did props for the show All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I loved drama so much that I had to keep doing it! I’ve now been a part of six Sehome productions either doing props or acting or both! Although acting is my favorite, I love all aspects of theater from set building to props!


What was the event that you attended and where was it? 

This summer I attended the Broadway Student Summit in New York City. It was three days of theater workshops with students from all over the United States. There were workshops on stage combat, improv, playwriting, musical theater, dance, and more. The instructors were all people who were involved in shows on Broadway. We even got to see the musical On Your Feet and have a talk-back with the cast!


What was the most powerful or inspirational moment from this event?

I think that the most inspirational moment of this event was when the lights came up on the cast of On Your Feet—a musical about the life of Gloria Estefan and the first song is a huge dance number. There were so many lights of all different colors, I had never seen anything like it! I had also never seen so many people dancing onstage at one time. It was surreal. It filled me with the same kind of joy as bowing during curtain call! I almost started crying I was so happy!


Was there a challenging moment you faced? How did you handle it?

The most challenging moment was the dance workshop. I had never taken a dance class before and this one was led by a Broadway performer! I was really worried because a lot of the kids in the class were wearing dance shoes and tights and looked really intense, but as soon as we got moving I forgot all about it. The class was really hard (both mentally and physically), but I learned a lot and everyone was super supportive! I loved it! We could see ourselves in the studio mirrors and the dance looked so cool when we finished learning it!


How have you changed or grown as an artist because of going to this event?

This trip really opened my eyes to the scale of the theater world. I couldn’t believe that there is actually a place where an entire street is dedicated to theater! It was my dream come true! I met so many passionate people and it inspired me to know that we all shared a love for theater!


 Marquee for "On Your Feet!" in Times Square.


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