Can students do a sport and audition for a show at the same time?

Not usually. Being involved in the play is about the same time commitment as a sport. It’s just not realistic to expect to do both. Some athletic seasons only overlap part of the rehearsal process for the play, however. Reach out to McGowan if you have specific questions about your situation.

What is the time commitment for acting in a show?

Being involved in a show is similar to the commitment in a sport or another extra-curricular activity. Rehearsals are 3-4 days a week and occasional Saturdays. Weekday rehearsals are usually after school from 4:00 – 6:30 and weekend rehearsals can vary. Cast members only need to attend rehearsal for the scenes that their character is in, therefore, a larger role means a larger time commitment. There are a variety of sizes of roles in each show.

The rehearsal process for one play tends to last 9-12 weeks from audition to performance. Show performances run for two weekends with a total of 6 performances. The last two weeks before the first performance is called “Tech.” This time usually has a larger time commitment. See below for more info.

Check The Callboard for more detailed information and a rehearsal calendar for each show.

What should I do if my student is sick or cannot attend rehearsal for another reason?

It is each student’s responsibility to communicate with the Director and Stage Manager if they need to miss rehearsal for any reason. In the audition packet, students are asked to fill out a conflict calendar to share what dates they are not available for rehearsal. The directors build the show’s schedule based on these conflict calendars and work hard to accommodate any prior commitments.

We understand that it is normal to have unforeseen conflicts. If your student is sick, cannot attend school during the day, or can’t attend rehearsal for another reason, please reach out and communicate as soon as possible. Most issues can be managed with good communication.

Do you need to be in the class to be in the play?

Nope! Play auditions are open to any Sehome student. That being said, students learn valuable skills in the drama classes that they can use to improve as actors or technicians.

What are some ways parents can be involved?

Head parents coordinate parent help during shows

Rehearsal snacks

Tech dinners


Box Office

Field Trip Drivers & Chaperones

Strike Support

What drama classes are available at Sehome?

There are several different levels of acting and technical theatre classes. Check out the list of offerings here.

How can my student get involved in Sehome Drama?

There are lots of ways to be involved in drama at Sehome. Students can enroll in a drama class, audition for a play, or work in backstage crew. They can also participate in one of our many Thespian events. Find out more about drama activities here.

What is "Thespians"?

The International Thespian Society, or "Thespians" for short, is the student Drama Club at Sehome. Our club has officers, organizes drama fundraisers and events. Club members also compete in acting and technical theatre at the regional, state and national level. Click here for more details about Thespians and how your student can join.

I have another question that isn't covered here.

Please feel free to email Mrs McGowan anytime. She’s happy to talk with you more about all things Sehome Drama!

What is "Tech Rehearsal"?

Tech Rehearsal is when the cast and crew combine all of the technical elements of the show. We work together to practice scene changes, add costumes, set lights and sound cues and everything else that makes a show magical. This can be a very busy time for the cast and crew because and we need to finish everything so that the show is ready for an audience. Tech rehearsals are notoriously long and every single member of the production (cast, crew, leadership) must be in attendance the entire time.

Tech Rehearsals are held during the last two weeks before performances. They are usually scheduled after school 3-4 days a week from 4:00 – 8:00 pm. One of our favorite traditions is our “tech week family dinners” where dinner is provided to the cast and crew by our amazing drama parents. Check The Callboard for details on how to sign up to provide dinner.

Does it cost money to audition for a show or be in the cast?

There is no fee for a student to participate in an show, however, some costs are associated with being involved in any theatre production. Every production is different but cast members are generally asked to provide their own socks, undergarments, leotards, hair products and other personal hygiene items.

Cast and crew also have the option to purchase a Production Pack for their show. Production Packs cost $25 and include: a show shirt, a show poster, and help to offset the costs of costuming and makeup. This expense is optional but encouraged for all students and their families. Scholarships are available so that any student who wants a Production Pack can get one.

Note: Students are provided with a free, personal stage makeup kit during their first production at Sehome. They are expected to keep the kit throughout their time at Sehome. If a student loses their makeup kit, they can speak to McGowan to order a second one (for a fee).

What is the time commitment for working crew on a show?

There are three different ways to be involved as a crew member on the show. The time commitment varies between each position.

Build Crew is the most flexible way to be involved in the show. Build Crew meets after school 1-2 times a week to create sets, costumes and other technical elements for the show. Students can come as many or as few Build Days as they would like. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience level. It’s a very casual and flexible way to get involved.

Stage Crew members are students who have committed to working backstage during the performances of the show. They are required to attend all Tech Rehearsals and performances. See below for more details on Tech Rehearsals.

Crew Leadership positions are available to students by application only. This is a way for experienced crew members to take on a student leadership position in the production. The largest time commitment is needed from Student Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers who are needed at all of the same rehearsals as actors in the cast of the show. Other Crew Leadership positions include designers, board operators and backstage managers. The time commitments can vary.

For more information on Tech Crew opportunities click here.

My student is in a play at Sehome. How can I stay connected to updates and important information?

Mrs. McGowan takes communication with Drama parents very seriously. If your student has joined the cast or crew of a show, there are several ways for parents to stay in the loop. Email McGowan sends out regular emails to the parents of the cast and crew. She sources the email addresses from those listed in Skyward and ones provided by students on their audition or sign-up forms. If your child is in the play but you are not receiving emails from McGowan, please send an email to to be added to the list. Parent Meetings Each show at Sehome begins with a parents meeting to give families the opportunity to meet the directors and each other. Meetings are usually held in the evening after one of the first rehearsals and give families the opportunity to ask questions or sign up for voluteering jobs. Remind Remind is a text messaging app which provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents for free. Teachers use Remind to send texts to students' and parents' phones and students and parents never have to share their personal cell phone number. Each show at Sehome has a new Remind group. Information on how to join Remind is provided at the beginning of the play.

What is "Strike"?

Strike the theatrical word for “clean-up”! Strike takes place immediately after the last performance and is when the cast and crew work together to take down the set, clean up backstage, put away costumes and props and wrap up any other projects related to the show. Strike is important because it returns the theater to neutral and makes it available for the next event. This is a great time for parents to help out!


Welcome to the Frequently-Asked-Questions section written specifically for our wonderful drama families. Please select a question from the list below to explore answers to some of the most common concerns for parents and guardians of Sehome Drama students.