Mainstage Productions: 2016-2017

The Hound of

the Baskervilles

A Comic Thriller starring Shirley Holmes and Jenni Watson
FALL 2016

Sherlock Holmes and his faithful sidekick, Dr. John Watson, have left on an extended holiday throughout Europe, leaving their nieces—Shirley Holmes and Jenni Watson—to keep an eye on the famous flat at 221B Baker Street. When the wealthy Sir Henry Baskerville arrives seeking the assistance of the famous Sherlock Holmes, Shirley and Jenni decide they are up to the challenge! In this fast-paced adaptation, full of wailing hounds, thundering hooves, and the slithering mists of the moor, Shirley and Jenni follow the trail of evidence and intrigue until, at last, they are confronted by the ravenous Hound itself!




ITS State Competition



In the kingdom of Illyria, the Duke Orsino laments over his unrequited love for the Lady Olivia, who is in mourning for her brother and has refused to see anyone for seven years. Meanwhile, a ship has been wrecked by a storm off the coast, casting the young noblewoman Viola onto shore. Finding herself alone with the Captain, Viola assumes that her twin brother, Sebastian, with whom she was traveling, is dead. Viola resolves to conceal her identity in Illyria—with the help of the Captain, she dresses up as a pageboy, Cesario, and goes to work for Orsino. Set in a topsy-turvy world like a holiday revel, this comedy devises a romantic plot around separated twins, misplaced passions, and mistaken identity. 

William Shakespeare's

Twelfth Night

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