Mainstage Productions: 2012 - 2013

Inherit the Wind

Fall 2012


Inherit the Wind tells the story of the small southern town of Hilsboro as it's rocked by controversy when school teacher Bertram Cates teaches evolution instead of creation. Jerome Lawrence's play shows that change is never easy, and that has never been more clear than when lawyer Henry Drummond comes to the defense of Mr. Cates. Famous two-time presidential candidate Matthew Harrison Brady takes up the case in favor of the opposition, sending the case spiraling into nationwide attention. While the two great forces meet in the courtroom, the fight for change sparks wild controversy. Are some ideas untouchable, or must we question the validity of the concepts we view as most basic? What is the true meaning of change? These difficult questions bubble to the surface of not only Hilsboro, but all cases to come.



The Three Musketeers

Spring 2013


This swashbuckling adventure was adapted from the original Alexandre Dumas novel by Ken Ludwig. The young hero D'Artangnan sets off for Paris from his country home, begrudgingly bringing is tomboy sister, Sabine, along. In the city, he meets the legendary three musketeers, the finest swordsmen in all of France. He soon becomes embroiled in the the political power struggle of the day: King Louis XIII and Queen Anne at odds with the villainous Cardinal Richelieu. Plenty of sword-fighting ensues as D'Artangnan and the musketeers defend honor and nobility against Richelieu and his deadly mercenary, the Countess De Winter.


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