Mainstage Productions: 2007 - 2008


Fall 2007


His wit is as sharp as his sword, his talent and passion as large as his nose. The uniquely endowed protagonist of Cyrano de Bergerac is given a fresh face in this poignant and playful verse adaptation by award-winning playwright Barry Kornhauser. Vicki Chaney directs this portrait of that enduring hero of imperfection and his classic love triangle with the exquisite Roxanne and the handsome but verbally challenged Christian. The witty comedy, swashbuckling sword fighting and heart breaking love of Cyrano combine for a great evening of theatre. Performed December 2007. 


Rehearsal for Murder

Spring 2008


The stage and the whole theatre become the set for this exciting mystery. The playwright turns on the lights and prepares for the first reading of his new play. The actors, producer, and director come onto the stage, and as they engage in humorous theatrical talk, tension grows. Startling connections begin to unfold about the murder of the playwright’s fiancée and leading lady, and as the suspect list grows, no one is free from suspicion. Vicki Chaney directs this exciting thriller adapted by D.D. Brooke from the teleplay by Richard Levinson and William Link, whose dazzling twists build to a climax and solution that are theatrically stunning! 


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